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What Our Amazing Students Have to Say About Spanish Joyfully

The Key To The New World

A new life experience is waiting for you! Knowing Spanish opens the door to not only getting your needs met, but also making new friends and learning about different cultures, cuisines, music, literature of an altogether other world! GO FOR IT!

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What Our Students Have To Say

“I highly recommend Spanish Joyfully to those who share my goal of learning to speak Spanish correctly and confidently! I am making great strides thanks to the guidance provided by my inspiring teacher, Gina Esparza. She is providing an indispensable ingredient to my progress in speaking fluently—regular conversations with a native speaker on a variety of topics. These conversations surface weaknesses in my skills that we promptly address through discussion and assigned exercises. Since beginning work with Gina I have become even more motivated to complement classroom resources with other recommended Spanish-language sources (movies, literature, and Internet websites) to strengthen my oral and written communication skills.”
- Cecile T, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I have been taking Spanish lessons with Katya and her team for numerous years. I first started with Katya when I went to Playa del Carmen on a yoga retreat and Spanish immersion trip. It was fantastic! Katya assessed my level of Spanish skills and took off from there. She has propelled my skills. Her ability to help me understand challenging concepts is impeccable. Once I returned to NC, I continued with the Spanish lessons through Skype. It is awesome to have lessons right in my home! I love it when I finally get it! I have had other Spanish teachers, but none like Katya! It is a huge advantage that Katya’s first language is English. She understands the difficulties that an English speaking brain has as it tries to grasp the Spanish language. Her methods of instruction address the English speaking brain’s challenges as it attempts to comprehend the Spanish language differences.

My children have also received lessons from Katya. Their skills have soared and they love Katya! I have also used Katya’s Spanish translation services. I have written a children’s book, My Fur-ever Family and wanted to translate it into Spanish. As a part of my lessons, I first translated the book into Spanish then Katya and her native Spanish teacher, Gina edited and perfected the translation. The book is now in development. It is expected that the Spanish version, Mi Amorosa Familia will be available soon. Gina is also an excellent Spanish teacher. She is a native Spanish speaking teacher that brings a wealth of knowledge in assisting a student to learn Spanish. What I love about Gina, is that she knows the English language very well, too. This really helps me at times when I am lost and she can clear up my confusion with the Spanish in English. If you have ever wanted to learn Spanish, now is the time! With Katya and her team, you can learn to speak, read and write Spanish!”
- Lisa O, North Carolina, USA

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“I’m never very good at writing reviews, I hate to try and compose something that will be seen by everyone but I just had to take a minute and try and express my gratitude to Katya. After trying to learn Spanish off and on for almost 3 years here in Playa, I had just about given up. I went through 3 different teachers and still couldn’t say much more than gracias!! Several of my friends had been to Spanish Joyfully and suggested I should give Katya a try before giving up on Spanish. Well, I’m glad I did because she has been able to teach me more in a couple of months than I learned in 3 years! I think the key to her success is that she is American and understands how an American thinks and is able to explain concepts and rules of Spanish in a way I could understand. As an older senior who has never spoken anything but English, I struggle to remember from one day to the next what I have learned but Katya is so patient with me and makes the classes so fun and entertaining that I just keep wanting to come back for more!! If you have tried and failed to learn Spanish I would highly recommend giving Katya a try before completely giving up, you won’t be disappointed.”
- Victoria B, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

“Studying Spanish with Katya for three years has made our time in Playa del Carmen so much more fun and interesting! Ordering food, giving directions to cab drivers or just chatting with the locals in Spanish is a great aspect of being in a foreign country. Plus, we’ve gotten to know a great lady, who has become a friend. This year, I enjoyed and learned so much from group lessons with Gina. I’ve also recommended Skype lessons to a friend in the States, who’s been studying twice a week! If you think you can’t learn a language, try the Spanish Joyfully approach. Through fun exercises, you’ll be amazed at your progress!”
- Rebecca K, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I highly recommend Spanish Joyfully. My husband & I took Spanish lessons this winter with Katya, and she is absolutely “maravillosa” an awesome teacher, a great loving person…una gran amiga. It was a lot of fun learning the language and we will continue to learn.. Be creative, say “Yes” to Katya and Spanish Joyfully, you won’t regret it.”
- Sue J, Canada

“I have just completed a 2 week immersion course with Katya. I progressed much more quickly than I thought possible, and had a lot of fun as well! Katya has lots of tricks to help remember new things and explains everything very well. I’m really glad I chose to do my course with Spanish Joyfully, I loved it. Gracias Katya!”
- Nick R, England, UK

“After one year of classes together we started as teachers & student, and left as friends. Great learning environment, fun and informal. Took two 1.5 hour classes per week after work, and wanted to started back at the beginning to get rid of bad habits and learn all the correct grammar etc. Have learnt so much from @KathrynCJones & @NeptaliCruz. Muchas gracias!”
- Simon L, England/Scotland, UK

“Hi! My name is Philippe. I am French and the love of my life is Mexican!.. So it is important to me to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. And I found it at Spanish Joyfully! Studying with Katya and her Team is such a happy moment in my day! 😀
I enjoy their learning approach! After studying in others schools of Spanish in Playa del Carmen and Mexico City, I was looking for a learning environment where I was not getting bored and looking at the clock every 2 minutes like in the others… Spanish Joyfully has a special way of teaching: fun and entertaining! For instance, Katya’s approach is based on having fun and taking the best of the student. She makes difficult concepts clear and easy to understand (which is much much better for remembering what we study in class!). Thank you so much to Katya and Gina, my teachers! You are awesome! 😉 I advise people in Playa del Carmen to at least, make a try with Spanish Joyfully and notice the difference with other teaching methods. Entertain, Educate, And Inspire.”
- Philippe B, France

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