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About Our Teachers

Spanish Joyfully Instructor Neptali


Hola! My name is Neptali. I am from the noble State of Chiapas, México. After earning my degree in the Science of Education with emphasis in Spanish Language and Literature from la Universidad de Montemorelos in Nuevo León, I now have more than 12 years experience teaching Spanish to foreigners from all over the world. I am passionate about teaching Spanish, and I enjoy learning more about my language through teaching. When I teach Spanish I also teach about my culture, our traditions & rich history. I consider myself to be a link between my students and my language and culture.

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Spanish Joyfully Instructor Gina


I was born in Mexico City and I have lived in various places in my beautiful country. In Mexico CIty I attended Instituto Superior de Intérpretes y Traductores, graduating with Licenciatura en Traducción, a degree in translating Portuguese and English. In 2007 I came to live in Playa, where I acquired my Master’s degree in Education at Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo. Since then I have taught at various institutions and also independently. About 1.5 years ago my husband and I launched an online school, E-Escuela for Mexican citizens who wish to complete their high school degree. My entire family is now living here in Playa del Carmen where I have taught for eight wonderful years!

Teaching Spanish is very rewarding for me! I can share not only my language but also other cultural, historical and literary aspects of Mexico. It is exciting when my students learn new words and can express feelings, likes and dislikes. Even a little bit of Spanish opens the door to a richer experience of their surroundings! Although learning a second language can be a very pleasant challenge, we have fun as we learn and practice! I am working with Spanish Joyfully for about 3 years now and without a doubt, here we DO have fun while we learn!

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