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Based in the beautiful city of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Spanish Joyfully teaches you to speak, write and hear Spanish from the foundation up! Learn this beautiful language today.
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Over 15 years teaching Spanish in Playa del Carmen working with students from all over the world!

Spanish Joyfully is tucked into this beautiful seaside city, nestled within internationally renowned Riviera Maya. Playa, as we call it, is unique in that it offers the best of México yet boasts most modern conveniences along with an endless variety of adventure and discovery. Take your studies to the beach by day. Practice and play with it at meals (Mexican, Italian, Argentine, Venezuelan, Chinese, Vegetarian, Vegan, Californis, you name it!) and/or at the dance clubs. Listen and sing along to it in live music all over town. Transportation is easy and inexpensive. Walking and bicycling are first choice, followed by taxis or colectivos (shuttle buses).

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Studying With Katya and her team is such a happy moment in my day! I enjoy learning their approach! After studying in others schools of Spanish in Playa del Carmen and Mexico City, I was looking for a learning environment where I was not getting bored and looking at the clock every 2 minutes like in the others … Spanish Joyfully have a special way of teaching: fun and entertaining!

Philippe Bernard

Kathryn C. Jones came highly recommended and I started taking my lessons with her in Playa del Carmen while I was visiting, and then a via Skype when I returned home. I was excited by the systematic, gun approach to learning which resulted in building a strong foundation. I took a long break from my lessons and surprised myself during a recent trip to Mexico when I was able to recall much of what I had learned and even engage in basic conversation. I have started my lessons again and am encouraged by my progress. I truly believe that Kathryn and her teachers - are born to teach. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Nicole Torner Mungar